Jewelry Restoration, Design & Re-design and Instore repairs


We provide repair and restoration services in-store, so you will never have to worry about your personal items being mailed off to a different location, lost, or stolen.

Custom Design: Our Jeweler has a Goldsmith Certificate from Germany and she has been with us for over 20 years. Together with her expertise & knowledge we are able to create and help you create unique pieces as well. We only use the highest quality diamonds, colored gems & all precious metals. 


Step 1: 

Understand what you are creating and the meaning behind the piece. We will sketch a design in paper, then transfer the information to the computer to create a CAD design.

custom made jewelry
Step 2:
Based on the information and precision of numbers and measurement, we make a wax sample. In this process we can make all type of changes such as size, thickness, length, etc. Wax models help to envision the jewelry piece even though it does not have the medals nor the precious gems.
jewelry design


Step 3:

We cast the piece in the desire precious metal (we only work with gold, sterling silver & platinum). After this process we might call you to come back to the store to try it before we set the gems or diamonds. All diamonds and precious gems are set by hand using hand picked stones

diamond radiant cut ring




In-store repair: All jewelry is repaired inside our store, for 39 years we offered nothing but amazing customer service.  It is our goal to always deliver 100% client satisfaction. We take care of ring sizing, soldering of all precious metals, all gem stone replacement, duplicate jewelry pieces, rhodium plating & gold plating service for jewelry pieces just to name a few. We use 100% guaranteed metal solder sheets that are made to service all types of repair jobs. All jewelry pieces are carefully treated and receive their own special attention when it comes to servicing them. At the end of everyday we place the jewelry pieces in their own repair envelope and put them away in our secured and alarm monitored safes.

diamond engagement ring

Restoration: Jewelry has an unspoken magic in every piece we wear and own.  Through the years jewelry pieces have become special heirlooms that we give sentimental value and desire to pass to our loved ones from generation to generation to come. In order to achieve this, jewelry pieces have to be treated carefully and correctly to apply the right components and materials.  We can help you redesign your special piece, restoring it in a way that we will preserve the part or parts that you are trying to keep originally.  We will also help you make it modern and ready for future generations.

Restring: All our restringing repairs are done on the premises. We do all types of restringing from pearls to any type of beads. We clean the pearls as we restring them by hand one by one. We use the right cord size and color that is needed for each pearl or bead. 



Come and visit us or make an appointment. Our business is a reputable store with 40 years of experience and 100% customer satisfaction. Check our Five Star Reviews in Google.