At one point in our lives we will all own a watch to tell time or to be worn as a treasured jewelry piece. Watches come in many price ranges, from inexpensive and simple, to high end luxury watches. What you need to know is why you need or want a timepiece: for work, play or both. That is what makes researching and purchasing a watch somewhat challenging for some people.

  • Movement

Today there are many types of movements; from mechanical to quartz (mechanisms). Mechanical movement watches are automatic self winding movements made of many jewels, different gears, wheels and more. These types of watches do not require batteries and they can run daily without stopping. Some movements can run from 36 to 48 hours without being worn.

Quart movement

               Automatic movement



  1. Power Reserve

You will find some automatic movements that have a power reserve of 5 to 8 days. This feature requires a main spring of high quality which can be found in higher end and luxury watches.

        2. Origin

Most mechanical watches come from Switzerland or Germany. They are known for their quality of workmanship, reputation and history in the art of watchmaking. Some even have a long line of family history which still continues today. Nowadays, with the technology and equipment they have at their disposal, the creativity of mechanical movement has gone to the next level. We find movements that chime, moving figures & scenes on the dial, complications and they are constantly discovering new materials to work with to make them lighter and stronger.

        3. Watch cases

Movements are kept inside watch cases. They come in different materials to choose from: such as stainless steel, gold, titanium, sterling silver, etc. The case material will have an impact on price. Stainless steel watches are very popular because they are easy to wear, elegant and come in many budgets. Titanium is light and durable with a matte finish look. Gold and platinum cases are reserved for luxury watches. Watch cases can be adorned with diamonds or semi-precious stones to make it an artistic piece of jewelry as well as a timepiece.

  • Water Resistance

Watches come in different grades of water resistance; it ranges from 50M (light washing hands and no swimming) to 100M (washing hands to shower rain, but no swimming). This will be the case for dress watches. 200M means you can swim, dive or anything water related. Depending on your lifestyle you will choose a watch that fits your needs. Divers watches have 200M due to their case and crown features. These watches also have a lock down crown system and screw back case to insure air tightness. Extreme diver watches have special escape valves built in to release excess pressure build up within the watch case.

  • Crystals

Today most watches come with a synthetic sapphire crystal known for their durability and strength which prevents scratching. Other models could have a mineral crystal which is glass or a plastic crystal that scratch a lot easier.

  • Watchbands

They come in different variations and materials from exotic leather straps, such as alligator, crocodile, lizard, etc to stainless steel, gold and platinum. Leather strap watches are comfortable to wear but if you live in a hot and humid city, leather bands will have a shorter lifespan than stainless steel. The same applies to your everyday activities; such as getting your hands wet due to sweat and transpiration. Stainless steel bands are durable, they can easily scratch but it can be polished to remove dents & scratches. This also applies for yellow gold, white gold and platinum watches. Polishing service should be performed by an experienced person so they know not to take much material (gold) from the band.

  • Maintenance

All watch movements eventually need maintenance; it's like a car that needs a tune up to keep it running. A watch needs a tune up every three to five years . All quality movements have jewels which require a special oil for the wheels to keep the movement properly lubricated to prevent any friction within the wheels to keep perfect time. South Miami Jewelers have master watchmakers that can work and perform the necessary service required to keep your favorite timepiece working for a lifetime and keep it in its original condition. All our services come with a one year warranty. All our work is done with original parts, polished, serviced and pressure tested to manufacturer standards.

Victorinox also known as Swiss Army, a watch brand with a long history of proven quality and watchmaking, is always coming out with new ideas and models. They provide simple ladies & men quartz watches; like the Maverick that are for everyday use such as business and play. Some Victorinox quartz models have end of life indicators to let you know that it is time for a new battery and to bring it to us for a new one. Victorinox also offers a variety of battery operated chronographs, which means you can use it as a stopwatch, which can be used for exercising, timing or even a reminder.

They also make automatic watches like the Airboss Collection and the Mach 8 which is an automatic chronograph in a black PVD case, pilot features, skeleton case back to show the movement in action. Limited edition. The I.N.O.X. collection is for the water person that wants a watch that can handle the daily abuse of water. The case is made up of one solid piece of stainless steel to ensure it can handle the pressures of the deep ocean diver. There is only one other company with this feature; “Rolex” at a much higher price. The I.N.O.X has a lock down crown and a case back that allows it to go 200 meters or deeper.

I.N.O.X. Divers Automatic

June 09, 2020

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