Five reasons why custom jewelry is designed to reflect your individuality

During this time of uncertainty, we know that you are looking for symbols that inspire & uplift you. Custom made jewelry can remind us of our inner strength & beauty that can help us survive any challenge.

1-Jewelry will be crafted specifically for you and with you in mind

We can help you build your jewelry with your own personal style or details according to your taste or needs by having your personal input. It would be a piece that you desire and value by making it real. It's almost like taking a blank canvas and painting that dream. It's the same scenario with jewelry. It all starts with a piece of paper, some drawings that will make it alive. It is exciting because it is your creation! It could be for an anniversary, birth of a baby, birthdays, etc. custom design jewelry

custom made jewelry

2- Custom based on your budget

Not only you will have control on the piece’s design, gemstones and diamonds but you can also control your expenses, even before you start your ideas or creation that you want to make. You have to think about how much money you have to invest to get what you want. If the investment you are planning to create is a long term goal, meaning, a family heirloom, then every penny is absolutely worth it. custom made jewelry

custom made designs

3- A treasured heirloom

These pieces can become a family heirloom to pass on for generations to come from your favorite jewelry store. In return, they give you memories that last a lifetime, pieces to talk about and jewelry pieces that you will remember. Family heirloom jewelry can be different pieces. For women, there is a large variety to be created; these can be rings, earrings, pearl, diamond pins to name plates and more. For men, it could be an old pocket watch from his great grandfather with engraved family initials or your father's watch that he wore daily. Rings can be made with the family crest hand engraved, adding special birthstone gems adorned with diamonds. Another idea is to make a 3D charm of your favorite pet, house or car into jewelry. custom made rings

custom made fine jewelry

4- Guarantee quality, clean process & top of the line innovation techniques

We start with a few drawings of the item you want to create. It could be a ring, earrings or pendants, anything jewelry related. The next crucial step is where you have to make some important decisions about choosing the right diamonds or gems. We will help you choose the right diamonds according to color, clarity and shape. We will also assist you with; Matching the gems with the same tone and hues. Combining colors that go well together so they do not clash to avoid that one specific stone being the center of attention, unless it's a center diamond. Choosing color stones that are durable. For an active person or not, some precious or semi- precious stones are not like a diamond. From there we move on to a CAD-cam. This is a drawing where we can see a 3- dimensional look at what we are making. The advantage of a CAD-cam is that you can make any changes or modifications before having it carved into a wax model. After that we proceed to make a wax model, so you can see it and try it on, we can even put some stones in there to give you a better idea of a semi - complete look. Even minor modifications can be done or applied to the wax before it goes off for casting. When casting your item, you can choose the metal you want. You choose from basic yellow gold which can be casted in 10k, 14k, or 18k gold. Same for white gold and rose gold, these are gold mixed with different alloys to give you the color you want. It can also be platinum, which is considered the most precious of all metals. Some clients choose the metal according to the occasion they are celebrating. Once we have casted an item we can make a rubber silicone mold of your item for you to keep. Then you can use this mold to make as many pieces as you want in any metal. Nowadays, the well-known tricolor design of yellow, white & rose together is a very popular and trendy jewelry style. Finally, we polish and clean your precious piece to a semi- finished look to be prepared for the setter to place the stones. After the gems are mounted we are near the finish line. All that remains to be done is to have all the stones set, filed, polished and cleaned. cad jewelry design.

cad computer design

5- Personalized service & professionalism

You will enjoy this part the most as you get to have our undivided attention. Our 37 years of experience in the same location in South Miami, has helped us to understand and be able to translate your ideas into real pieces. We make this special process a lot of fun. Imagine having loose diamonds, precious and semi precious stones in your hands. It is almost like having a painter's palette ready to create precious lasting pieces. jewelry design.

custom made engagement rings

We all know these holidays will be different, maybe a little apart or with less people around us but just imagine gifting our loved ones with a custom made jewelry piece. Explaining the interesting journey of it’s creation and the high sentimental value that the piece will now preserve for many years to come. We are up for any challenge. Bring us your projects, drawings or pictures so we can help you make your dream jewelry piece into reality. custom made fine jewelry

custom made dragonfly

At South Miami Jewelers, we can help you make that dream come true. We work with you through the whole process from the beginning to the end. We look at the ideas you have and see what you have to work with in case we are using your gems or diamonds. Call us at 305-667-1898 or visit our jewelry store. You still have time to treat yourself with that special piece or gift one for the holidays.  We offer the best prices without sacrificing great quality. We are the best jewelry store in Miami for customer service & highly curated jewelry pieces.

custom made fine jewelry

October 13, 2020

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